Recipe: Fried Maize Corn Snack (Mberenge)

Recipe: Fried Maize Corn Snack (Mberenge)

2021 Nov 2nd

A common go-to snack in East Africa, here's how you can make some fried maize corn at home.

What You Need:

  • Dried maize grain
  • Salt
  • Water


  • Soak the maize overnight adding a little bit of salt. If you don't wish to soak overnight, you can use the quick soak method for a few hours before deep frying.
  • Boil the maize for an hour until tender. Drain and set aside and make sure that the maize is dry before deep frying.
  • Heat the oil to approximately and deep fry the maize in batches. Stir now and again and when the maize turns dark brown and begins to pop, remove and add salt.

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